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gold star Winner of the National Parenting Association Seal of Approval
gold star Winner of the Character Education Partnership Best Practices Award

“Just wanted to share some unsolicited feedback – my family loves the game! I bought the demo copy from Uncle Games because my 6 year old and I enjoyed playing it during family fun night last week. We have since played it with the whole family – husband and our 14 year old daughter – and we all enjoyed it! It’s rare that we find a game that our kids (with a 8 year gap) both equally enjoy. My only worry is that we need new virtue task cards quick! I would totally buy a refill pack”   - Barbara Williams

“My 8 year old had a playdate today and this is the game the kids chose to play!! They love it! It's fun, educational, and teaches great values. Highly recommended.”  - L. Weingaertner

“This game is so perfect for our little Brownies. The girls are completely engaged in the game while they are building the character of a true Scout. I recommend this game for all children. A winner!”   - P. Esnard

“My family has a "game night" where each of our kids pick a game for all of us to play. The VirtueGame has been a hit in our house because not only is it fun to play but it reinforces the type of behavior that we encourage in our children as parents. We liked this so much that we donated a copy to our school.”   - David Roth

“This is a great game for everyone in the family. Adults and kids will get a kick out of the wacky fun, while learning ways to treat one another with kindness & respect. Great for classrooms or camps.”  - C. Batchelor


From The Macaroni Kid, March 25, 2010

Macaroni Kid

The brand new, award-winning Virtue Game manages to strike a surprising balance: teach kids importatnt lessons about virtue and make it fun. Sound impossible? Apparently not.

According to creator Anne Brunell, Virtue Game is designed to get kids thinking about important virtues by “putting kids in lighthearted, funny situations that bring out the best in them.” The game challenges kids -- and adults -- to answer questions and perform mini-tasks in an effort to satisfy certain virtues reflected on their individual game boards. The rules are super simple and the often humorous questions deliver gentle messages of cooperation, compassion, integrity, enthusiasm, trust, friendliness and more. Is it fun? We played as a family. Four-year-old Maddie won and when we were done, nine-year-old Mason said, "can we play again." Absolutely kids, we'll play this one as many times as you like!