What Are Virtues?

Virtues are what is best in us. Here are some simple definitions of the virtues in the VirtueGame:

Compassion - Knowing that someone needs help, and wanting to help them.

Respect - Treating others with courtesy and consideration, following rules and deferring to authority.

Enthusiasm - Seeing what is good in a person or situation, and focusing on things that make you happy.

Trust - Believing that the right thing will happen, and that people will do what they say they will.

Friendliness - Being interested in other people

Determination - Taking one step at a time until you reach your goal.  Doing something you want to even if it is really hard.

Responsibility - Others can count on you

Integrity - Doing what you know is right, and showing the virtues that are important to you.

Cooperation - Working with others

Thankfulness - Seeing what you have and being grateful, instead of missing what you don’t have.