My Story

My involvement with my kids is what got me started making games. I volunteered to help teach character education in my son’s second grade class and decided to make a game that I could use with the kids. Once I got started, I was hooked. What I had thought would take me a few weeks to make turned into a creative process that took well over a year to complete. Along the way, I brought the game (as it evolved) into classrooms all over the Seattle, Washington area. Watching the kids laugh and learn while they played was an enormous reward and encouragement. The kids loved the game, and the quizzes I asked them to take showed that they were really learning what the different virtues meant.

We can improve our ability to teach values to our children by being specific in our language. We can tell them that when they do their homework or feed the dog, they are being responsible. When they help someone who is hurt, they are being compassionate. By using their experiences to teach them the meaning of these words, kids can internalize it, and see themselves as someone who possesses that virtue. With this in mind, I am creating toys and games that speed up the process by making opportunities for kids to practice virtues and see them in action.

The VirtueGame is my first product. I’ve got plans for more, so if you’d like to hear when they are ready please sign up to be on my mailing list!

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