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This is a list of children´s picture books that are about honesty. more


This is a list of children´s picture books that are about kindness. more


Respect means treating others with courtesy and consideration. more


Being responsible means that others can count on you. more


Being grateful or thankful means appreciating what you have instead of missing what you don´t have. more


Cooperating is working with others. more


Having integrity means doing what you know is right, and showing the virtues that are important to you. more


Being determined means taking one step at a time until you reach your goal. It is doing something you want to even if it is really hard. more

Friendliness/Social Skills

Being friendly means being interested in other people. more


Having enthusiasm means seeing what is good in a person or situation, and focusing on things that make you happy. more


Having compassion means seeing that someone needs help and wanting to help them. more


This is a list of children´s picture books that are about manners and
courtesy. more

Character Education Lesson

Here is a character education lesson on responsibility. more

Character Lesson Plan

Here is an activity that teaches tolerance. more

Family Home Evening Activity

Make great gifts from children as a service activity. more

Character Education Materials

Featuring tools for teachers, parents, and children. more

Parenting with Virtues – Regional Seminars

The best character education program for your school, organization or community. more

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