Cooperating is working with others.

Here is an idea to help jump-start a discussion about this virtue with kids:

Try the VirtueGame! It teaches 10 virtues in a fun, engaging way.



Swimmy by Leo Lionni

By swimming together, the small fish aren’t afraid of getting eaten.

The Perfect Clubhouse by Daniel J. Mahoney Published 2004

This book is all about cooperating and compromise. It is very straight-forward and the illustrations are cartoon. Four boys work together to build a club house, but each has a different idea about how to use it.

Elephant On My Roof by Erin Harris

Lani finds and elephant on his roof and he needs the help of the village to get it down. They reluctantly cooperate, and their kindness is repaid in all kinds of ways.

Rasberries! An American Tale of Cooperation by Mary Newell DePalma

Zoolidays by Bruce Glassman

When the zoo is in danger of being closed down, the animals work together to come up with a solution that will bring more visitors.